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"Erik Ortega"

Erik Ortega

I have lived in several cities and countries since I was in Como for the Autunno Musicale in 1979, Bogota and Medellin Colombia, Veracruz, Mexico City and Monterrey Mexico, Houston and Tulsa Oklahoma in the USA, and I have tried to find Cultural Events similar to the Autunno, but in all cases they were catering to the basic culture and basic tastes of the regions making them narrow and chauvinistic in historic extension, artistic variety, and cultural reach.
But remembering the Autunno Musicale, how universal it was, how profound the evolution and linkage of the different and abundant venues were, the generosity of the cultural teachings and the feeling of richness after the cultural rollercoaster that was the Autunno, I assure you that the Autunno musicale is one of the premier Global and Cultural events, and I envy the citizens of the Commune di Como that have access to this cultural gem year after year.
As a self testimony of the greatness of the Autunno I�ll list some of the venues explored and researched in 1979:
  • Court Musicians (France, Spain, England, Italy)
  • Religious inspiration in Music �
  • Violino, Violoncello e Pianoforte �
  • Unknown Pioneers of the new music �
  • 1900-1920 Tonal expansion �
  • Computer Music �
  • Symphonic Concerts �
  • Oggidanza, Oriental �
  • Oggidanza, Contemporary �
  • Instruments of Popular Music �
  • Public and Poets �
  • Space/ Sound / Image
  • With several collateral events and round tables.  

Reviewing the program I realized that for us, the other humans that do not live in Como, to get an exposure of the magnitude of the Autunno, we have to go to the university in order to obtain a remote taste of what is offered in the Autunno Musicale feast, and not live and direct like Como, but in recordings and in 3rd person.  This reflection shows me the genius and generosity of the  Autunno.
Please keep the Autunno Musicale a Como in Como not out of Como.