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"About us"

The Autunno Musicale a Como was founded in 1967 by two musicians, Italo Gomez and Gisella Belgeri, in order to experiment new ways of presenting the musical culture to the audience.
The Artistic Direction has always been aiming at unitary goals and seldom programmes have been repeated over the years, which makes the festival a unique cultural heritage in Italy.
Each edition of the festival is characterized by a principal theme, followed by secondary threads very often dedicated to other branches like cinema, dance, literature and poetry, historical events or ethnical origins, religions with a particular attention to research.
In the last five years the Autunno Musicale has become a Foundation and programmes concentrate on the phenomena that brought the West to nowadays society: in 2000 the communication between composer, performer and the music with a "Comparison between music and other arts"; in 2001 "Symbolism" as a form of literary and musical inspiration in the transition from the 19th to the 20th century; in 2002 "Sturm und Drang", the cultural movement that marks the evolution from Enlightenment to European Romanticism; in 2003 the epilogues with "Farewell to Romanticism..." researching traces of it also in important works of the 20th century; in 2004 an outlook on how authors reacted to the period of cruel violence they witnessed "between the two wars, longing for peace"; in 2005, instead of following the chronological thread we stopped for a moment of reflection, turning the thought away from our raving and chaotic days to highlight the necessity to find again harmony "Longing for classics". The programme focus has been on Luigi Boccherini's production, but included also contemporary works drawing inspiration from the past to find new equilibrium and vital energies, i.e. Past towards Future.
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