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2002 - "36. Musical Automn 2002"

Sturm und Drang

We celebrate this year the 36th birthday of the Festival lnternazionale Autunno Musicale a Como under the direction of ltalo Gomez. The Festival will take piace in Como between September andOctober, and it will also have an extension between March and November in several towns of the Como province, under the name of Lario Musica.
This year's programme develops around the theme Sturm und Drang.
This rnovement crossed Europe at the end of the 18th century as a sudden revolution of sensitivity and deeply influenced the centuries to come. As the name suggests, Germany will be the main focus of this Festival, which will offer an overview of its literature and music from the eighteenth century to the twentieth.
Most of all we will hear Franz Joseph Haydn and Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach, two composers that greatly represented this new sensitivity.
Along with them we will hear authors of different periods and backgrounds, whose innovating ideas emerged !rom the boiling cultural life of the end of the eighteenth century.