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2005 - "Festival Autunno Musicale a Como 39th edition"

Memory in music

This year the Festival Autunno Musicale a Como reached its 39th edition. In the last few years the focus of the Festival has been on themes highlighting European culture and the musical and artistic development from Renaissance to nowadays. There has also been an attempt to individuate a theme that could unite all editions: we may say this theme is the relationship between creativity, performers and audience.

This "communicative" constant brought to the creation of themes like Symbolism, Sturm und Drang, Farewell to Romanticism, Longing for peace between the two wars.

2005 edition focuses on Memory in Music and analyses the preservation, re-presentation and renaissance of musical creativity. The festival is divided in two principal sections: the spring section is promotional and foregoes the autumn traditional section.

The festival Autunno Musicale a Como has promoted, together with the Municipality of Lucca, the Bicentenary of the birth of Luigi Boccherini, obtaining for this purpose a special National Committee.

Performances of the two ballet companies Ballet Prague Junior and Hungarian Dance Academy, which allowed some young dancers native of Como to take part to a workshop at the Teatro Sociale.
Several activities on the occasion of the bicentenary of Boccherini's death (28 May 2005) in the frame of a project promoted by a National Commitee, approved by both Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The Festival Autunno Musicale presents the performance of the Sonatas for solo cello and bass, concerts of chamber music (duets, trios, quintets, symphonies etc.) and a cycle dedicated to string quartet. Other events will take place in many Italian (Lucca, Milan, Venice, Fiesole and others) and foreign (Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Berlin) venues which had relevance in the composer's life.
Baroque: Bach and Zelenka
Two great masters Bach and Zelenka for the opening concerts of the autumn season of the festival which is traditionally dedicated to baroque music.
Birth and affirmation of the string quartet: different comosing styles in comparison: Boccherini, Haydn, Mozart e Beethoven. Three ensembles of world renown will be invited to give concerts.
Great Symphonism
Teatro Sociale - Como (CO)
Scala Philarmonic Orchestra, conducted by Riccardo Chailly
Berio/Boccherini - La ronda notturna nelle strade di Madrid - B. Bartok Il Mandarino meraviglioso - I. Strawinskji L' Uccello di Fuoco

In collaboration with Teatro Sociale Como - As. Li. Co.
Past in present
Great piano works bearing a historical musical memory: five concerts will highlight some composers' skills to re-elaborate old themes and create new masterpieces.
Mostrare il Medioevo � Middle Ages in exhibition
Magistri Comacini, masters who built Europe
Proposed by the Fondazione Festival Autunno Musicale in the context of "Culture 2000" European Union Programme.

I luoghi della memoria scritta - The Places of Written Memory
Exhibition of facsimiles of the national Libraries realised by the Ministry of Culture, Dipartimento per i Beni Archivistici e Librari - Direzione Generale per i Beni Librari e gli Istituti Culturali.